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Where would you be if you went from GOOD to BETTER to AMAZING? Wouldn't it be fun if everyone started asking why you were more confident and less stressed? And why your team was performing so much better than in the past? What amazing results could you achieve by enabling a powerful culture as a result of you becoming an engaging leader? And how amazing would your team be when they simply know why they should care as much as you do as their leader?

You can have all of that when you simply Dare to be Amazing with me, Eric Kulikowski.

We live and work in a chaotic world - that will never change. But what can change is how we respond and act in that chaos. It is my belief that those leaders and individuals who thrive in chaos will succeed in big ways. And that's where I come in.

A long career in operations excellence and organizational leadership has made me realize that I love watching people achieve amazing results. Often times clients end up achieving results they never thought possible. Awards, promotions, recognition, significant performance improvement, the ability and willingness to delegate with confidence and just plain having fun again are all realizable amazing outcomes. They really are!! And that is where my passion leads me.

Manufacturing and Technology leaders and business owners engage with me because they seek assistance with:

- Change Management, Change Leadership and Change Communication
- Leader Development (emerging leaders through senior level leaders)
- Team Building and Development
- Employee and Leader Engagement Tools and Practices
- Continuous Improvement Methods
- Business Metrics and Behaviors Management
- Vision, Mission and Strategy Definition and Deployment

I have a passion for being an inspirational force, an engager of employees and leaders, a catalyst for shifting cultures and mindsets, an enabler of change and continuous improvement and an accountable friend and partner. I coach and speak and equip individuals and organizations to achieve success because I care about what is holding them back from being amazing.

Let's start getting you unstuck and on the road to being a rock star. You know, it really isn't rocket science! Contact me today for a complimentary CONSULTATION to explore the destinations you desire and the challenges holding you back. I guarantee your experience will be transformative. Go ahead, dare to be amazing!!

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