Eric is a thought leader on a wide range of topics -- providing audiences with the tools to become more innovative, better handle conflict, improve communications, engage and energize employees and coach for performance.  He is also an expert on operational excellence and continuous improvement and has volumes of dynamic experiences and stories to share and relate with his audiences.

What makes Eric unique is the "genuine" factor.  Audiences always relate to his experiences, struggles and lessons in a personal way. But what knocks your socks off is his impeccable delivery.

Eric's keynote speeches, breakout sessions and workshops combine a down-to-earth attitude with colorful story telling.  No fluff here! His events both inspire and educate and they move the audience to take action.

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Eric tailors the length, content and interactivity of his speeches and workshops to suit the needs of the client's organization. He uses a brief but effective process of discovery with the event organizers to ensure the presentation is on target.

And, you will never feel overwhelmed by slides and computer graphics - no more listening to a presenter read their slides!! Eric's presentations are audience and content focused so he uses only the most impactful visual aids.

Based on previous audience feedback, the topics that provide the greatest tangible benefits to attendees include:

- Prepare To Be Amazing: Four Keys to Achieve Your Most Critical Goals

- Too Busy To Be Amazing? Four Habits That Enable Business and Leadership Success

- Making the Needle Move: Selecting Business Metrics That Drive the Desired Behaviors and Results

- Why Should They Care: Overcoming the Resistance to Change

- Dare To Be Amazing: Inspiring the Journey Towards You 2.0

- Closing the Engagement Gap: How I Helped Transform an Organization By First Transforming Myself

Eric can also tailor one of these general subject areas into a talk that specifically targets a need or desired outcome for your team or conference. The length can flex from 15 minutes to four hours or more (for workshops).

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To book Eric for your next event or workshop please Contact Eric Today. Please include Desired Topic, Time, Date, Location and Association Name in your inquiry. Eric will personally respond to your request within 24 hours.

Go ahead, dare to be amazing!!

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